This is a strange day, it is the first Pi Day without Larry Shaw and Stephen Hawking but their heritage will remain with us.

We should be excited to meet the next Rock Start scientist who will expose this field to the world.

Because she will be inspired by Larry and Stephen, and Marie Curie and Rai,… and her university professor and university mates,… and her second grade teacher, and their parents and male friends…

Have a nice Pi Day Anna, Chloe, Emily, Aaliyah, Emma, Olivia, Jennifer, Lauren, Kellie, Hannah, Jessica, Sarah, Jasmine, Rebecca, Lily, Savannah, Ava, Mia, Ella, Isabella, Sophia, Grace, Samantha, Naomi, Claire, Charlotte, Abigail, Elizabeth, Melanie, Amanda, Brianna, Ashley, Holly, Madison, Amy, Stephanie, Zoe, Lucy, Jade, Danielle, Megan, Nicole, Alyssa, Sophie, Abby, Amber, Katie, Julia, Angelina, Margaret,..